Trusted Partner

At Sedef, we collaborate with fish farmers to provide high-quality fish products tailored to market demands and produced in secure chains. Our commitment to sustainability and food safety ensures that our products meet the highest standards. We believe that this collaborative approach allows us to provide the best quality products while optimizing production to meet market demand.

Service for fish farmers

At Sedef, we provide expert services to support fish farmers in maintaining healthy and productive fish populations. Our services include fish health management, nutrition consulting, breeding and genetics support, and more. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and helping them achieve their goals. Thank you for considering Sedef for your fish farming needs.


FarmingNet is a powerful online information system designed to support fish farmers. At Sedef, we provide expert analysis and customized recommendations based on the data provided by FarmingNet. Our goal is to help farmers optimize their operations and achieve their goals. Thank you for considering FarmingNet as a tool to support your fish farming operations.