Carne Chica – Trimmings 80 20 VL – 冷冻去骨牛碎肉

Primary packing/Embalaje primario:
Individually wrapped pack (IWP).
Polyethylene bag.1 piece per-bag. / Embalaje
de polietileno. 1 pieza en bolsa individual.

Secondary packing/Embalaje secundario:
Autoformable box with polyethylene sheet. Sale
to weight / Caja autoformable con lámina de
polietileno. Venta al peso.

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Carne Chica – Trimmings 80 20 VL – 冷冻去骨牛碎肉

(Trimmings 80 20 VL)The beef trim is the pieces of meat left after removing the steak, roast, and other cuts. it is often used to make ground beef. Refers to extra meat scraps cut from large pieces of meat and sold individually is very small. These trimmed pieces are used to produce other meat products such as sausage or ground meat, or they can be large enough to cut into cubes for stewed meat and kebabs.

The initial cut of beef ribs made from the upper part of the center of the ribs – especially the sixth to twelfth ribs – is used for the traditional permanent rib roast (also called prime rib). It is the source of delicious ribei steak as well as classic French entrecote

Visual Lean – The amount of lean meat as opposed to fat expressed as a percentage by visual evaluation. Can be used on any muscle or usually any meat (such as dice or minced meat). More commonly used for red meat, such as pork, beef or mutton

GUAICOS S.A.I.C.I.F. began its activities on april 4, 1989 when he made his first kill. The plant had been acquired in 1988 through a judicial auction. It dates from 1928 and in the course of the years were incorporated buildings and modifications, in this way

expand your work capacity. The improvement of their equipment and facilities have allowed GUAICOS S.A.I.C.I.F. to expand its supply capacity and thus its authorization to export to different countries.

We are an organization that through its knowledge and experiences we generate well-being to our internal and external customers in a sustainable way, fully satisfying the needs of society, which guarantees a leadership position in a demanding market.

To be the leading company in meat products differentiated by the highest quality standards that allow us to grow in our recognition, reaching leadership positions in the competition segments contributing with social responsibility to the economic development of the country, while generating value to our partners and shareholders.

1) Focus on the client

Total commitment with internal and external clients embracing your priorities like ours.
We act with integrity and do the right thing regarding our products and procedures.

2) Transparency

Our behaviors and behaviors aim to make that we learn with our mistakes, so as not to commit them again. we motivate dialogue with our customers and suppliers, helping us to generate confidence, in addition to improving as professionals and people.

3) Respect

We treat everyone how we like to be treated. We are guided by our ethical principles.

4) Excellence

We constantly encourage the offer of innovative solutions and we look for excellence in everything we do. We develop these capabilities throughout the organization, in the pursuit of fidelity of our internal and external customers.


Chinese translate(Trimmings 80 20 VL – 冷冻去骨牛碎肉)


从肋骨中心的上部(尤其是第 6 到第 12 根肋骨)切下的牛肋骨用于传统的永久性烤肋骨(也称为上等肋骨)。它是美味里贝牛排和经典法式前菜的来源

视觉瘦肉 – 通过视觉评估以百分比表示的瘦肉量而不是脂肪量。可用于任何肌肉或通常任何肉类(如骰子或肉末)。更常用于红肉,如猪肉、牛肉或羊肉



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