Cogote – Neck – 冷冻去骨牛脖肉

Primary packing/Embalaje primario:
Individually wrapped pack (IWP).
Polyethylene bag.1 piece per-bag. / Embalaje
de polietileno. 1 pieza en bolsa individual.

Secondary packing/Embalaje secundario:
Autoformable box with polyethylene sheet. Sale
to weight / Caja autoformable con lámina de
polietileno. Venta al peso.

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Cogote – Neck – 冷冻去骨牛脖肉

As the name recommends beef neck is a cut taken from the neck. It is a very efficient cut. Due to the muscle and bones found in the neck, it can be a rather tough cut if cooked quickly, but if braised or stewed low and slow, the meat will become tender.

It is placed in the cervical region and borders caudally the chuck and ventrally the shin. A cut is made through the 7th cervical spine and the 1st dorsal vertebrae, continuing by a knife-made cut along the blade bone head edge reaching the proximal epiphysis of the humerus, separating the shin. bones, cartilage, exposed tendons, and ligament nuchae.

The lower neck and upper shoulder of the cow are called “chuck.” Both roasts and steak can come from this area of the meat. this meat has a substantial amount of fat between meat, and this makes it ideal for slow-cooking. When neck meat is cooked slowly on a low heat the meat is cushioned and produces a rich and succulent flavor. Its’s bones are absolutely what they sound like—the bones of the neck of whichever animal they originate from, be it pork or beef.


Español: Corte ubicado en la región cervical, limitando hacia caudal con la aguja y hacia abajo con el brazuelo. Se sierra a nivel de la articulación entre la séptima vértebra cervical y la primera toráxica y luego se continúa seccionando a cuchillo bordeando por delante de la articulación escápula humeral, terminando el corte a la altura del extremo superior del húmero, efectuando de esta manera la separación del brazuelo.


中文:位于颈部,与颧骨的尾侧和胫骨的腹侧接壤。 切开第 7 颈椎和第 1 背椎,沿刀骨颅缘继续刀切,到达肱骨近端骨骺,分离胫骨。 骨骼、软骨、暴露的肌腱和项韧带


它位于颈部区域,与夹头的尾端和胫骨的腹端接壤。切开第 7 颈椎和第 1 背椎,沿刀片骨颅缘继续刀切,到达肱骨近端骨骺,分离胫骨。骨骼、软骨、暴露的肌腱和项韧带。

牛的下颈和上肩被称为“夹头”。烤肉和牛排都可以来自这块肉。颈部肉不是最嫩的,因为牛的颈部肌肉不断运动和工作。 . .. 颈部肉在肉中含有大量脂肪,这使其成为慢煮的理想选择。当颈部肉在低温下慢慢煮熟时,肉会变得柔软并产生丰富多汁的味道。颈骨就像它们听起来的样子——无论是猪肉还是牛肉,都是它们起源于任何动物的颈骨。

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