Corazón de cuadril – Heart of Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉心

Primary packing/Embalaje primario:
Individually wrapped pack (IWP).
Polyethylene bag.1 piece per-bag. / Embalaje
de polietileno. 1 pieza en bolsa individual.

Secondary packing/Embalaje secundario:
Autoformable box with polyethylene sheet. Sale
to weight / Caja autoformable con lámina de
polietileno. Venta al peso.

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Corazón de cuadril – Heart of Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉心

The heart of the rump is a soft part of meat from the rump of the animal. This cut consists of the wonderfully tender Rump Heart. Steaks can be cut from this. The firmer part of the rump heart is good for roast beef, (rump) steak and carpaccio.

Rump is a great everyday steak, cut from the hind. A slow-grown, mature rump steak cooked medium rare can prove to be both tasty and delicate. It can also be used in stews and stir-fries when lean sliced and is great for marinating. Rump steak is often conferred to as Popeseye steak in Scotland.

A Rump cut of beef is taken from the posterior and the muscle above the hip bone of the animal. There are two pieces of rump beef per carcass. A very full-flavored piece of meat that is first-class and versatile when roasted, braised or casseroled, stir-fried or pan-fried. Because they are free to roam and graze on the nourishing grass, Argentinian cows are less likely to get or spread disease. Pampas-raised cattle aren’t unnaturally rushed to fatten up as quickly as possible, which can weaken a cows’ exposure. As a result, Argentinian beef makes for some of the best steaks in the world

Corazón de cuadril – Heart of Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉心
Corazón de cuadril – Heart of Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉心


From the rump cap off, the gluteus profundus is removed and only the gluteus medius and accessorius remain in this cut.view here


Español: En base al cuadril sin tapa, se extrae el músculo glúteo profundo quedando exclusivamente integrado este corte por el músculo glúteo medio y accesorio.


中文:米。 阔筋膜张肌从臀盖上取下,臀深肌被移除,只有臀中肌和臀肌留在这个切口中。



从臀盖开始,臀深肌被移除,只有臀中肌和臀肌保留在这个切口中。因为它们可以自由地在营养丰富的草地上漫游和吃草,阿根廷奶牛不太可能感染或传播疾病。 … 潘帕斯饲养的牛不会不自然地尽快育肥,这会削弱牛的免疫力。因此,阿根廷牛肉是世界上最好的牛排之一



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