Cuadril – Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉

Primary packing/Embalaje primario:
Individually wrapped pack (IWP).
Polyethylene bag.1 piece per-bag. / Embalaje
de polietileno. 1 pieza en bolsa individual.

Secondary packing/Embalaje secundario:
Autoformable box with polyethylene sheet. Sale
to weight / Caja autoformable con lámina de
polietileno. Venta al peso.

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Cuadril – Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉

Rump gained from the haunch borders cranially the striploin and tenderloin, the flank in the cranial/ventral area the outside in the caudal/lateral area the topside in the caudal edge of the femoral region, and ventrally the bow.

A very full-flavored piece of meat that is admirable and versatile when roasted, braised or casseroled, stir-fried or pan-fried. The steaks will generally be quite big in size, with steaks that are cut from the middle, or the eye of it is more tender, and they make very good grilling and frying steaks.

It is a cut of beef. The rump is the division among the leg and the chine cut right through the aitchbone. It may refer to A steak from the top half of an American-cut round steak primal.
Rump cap (also known as picanha, sirloin cap or culotte) has good flavor and can marble well. It has a thick cap of fat running across the top, which adds a depth of flavor. Recommended cooking method: It’s great marinated and grilled and as a roast.

Cuadril – Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉
Cuadril – Rump – 冷冻去骨牛臀腰肉
What nutrients are in rump steak?
  • oz (85g )
  • Calories from Fat 109. Calories 207.
  • 18% Total Fat 12g.
  • 24% Saturated Fat 4.8g.
  • 26% Cholesterol 78mg.
  • 2% Sodium 48mg.
  • 8% Potassium 286mg.
  • 0% Total Carbohydrates 0g.


Español: Corte ubicado en la región de la grupa, límite hacia craneal con el bife angosto y lomo, hacia cráneo ventral con el vacío, hacia caudal y lateral con la nalga de afuera y hacia caudal y medial con la nalga de adentro y hacia ventral con la bola de lomo.



中文: 这个切口取自臀部,与带状里脊肉和里脊肉交界,颅侧/腹侧区域的外侧,尾侧/外侧区域的外侧,股骨区域尾缘的上侧,以及指关节的腹侧。

一种味道非常浓郁的肉,在烤、炖或砂锅、炒或煎时非常出色且用途广泛。 … 牛排的尺寸通常很大,从中间切开的牛排,或者臀部的眼睛更嫩,它们可以很好地烤和煎牛排。


臀帽。臀帽(也称为 picanha、sirloin cap 或 coulotte)具有良好的风味,可以很好地大理石。它的顶部有一层厚厚的脂肪,增加了味道的深度。推荐的烹调方法:腌制和烤制都很棒。


盎司(85 克)
来自脂肪的卡路里 109。卡路里 207。
18% 总脂肪 12 克。
24% 饱和脂肪 4.8 克。
26% 胆固醇 78 毫克。
2% 钠 48mg。
8% 钾 286mg。
0% 总碳水化合物 0g。

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