Pecho – Brisket – 冷冻去骨牛胸肉

Primary packing/Embalaje primario:
Individually wrapped pack (IWP).
Polyethylene bag.1 piece per-bag. / Embalaje
de polietileno. 1 pieza en bolsa individual.

Secondary packing/Embalaje secundario:
Autoformable box with polyethylene sheet. Sale
to weight / Caja autoformable con lámina de
polietileno. Venta al peso.

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Pecho – Brisket – 冷冻去骨牛胸肉

Brisket is a cut of meat from the breast or lower chest of beef or veal. Brisket comes from the breast section of the animal, under the first five ribs. It is a large cut that is sold boneless and usually weighs in anywhere from 8 to 20 pounds, making it quite a hefty-sized cut.

Who don’t want such a large cut of meat, It is usually cut down further into two sections that you can choose from, each with slightly different qualities:

  1. Point CutMore flavorful but has more fat running through the meat than the flat cut; shaped a bit like a triangle.
  2. Flat Cut: Less fatty, with the fat in a layer on the bottom; usually more expensive since it is more attractive and easier to slice nicely.

From brisket 10 ribs, m. serratus ventralis thoracis, m. intercostalis and m. pectoralis superficialis are removed. Excess fat underlying the mentioned muscles (deckle) should also be removed, exposing the lean surface of m. pectoralis profundus free of fat.

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Español: A partir de un pecho a 10 costillas se separan los músculos intercostales, serrato torácico ventral y pectoral superficial. Los depósitos grasos subyacentes a dichos músculos son eliminados, hasta que aparezca la superficie del m. pectoral profundo libre de grasa.


中餐:从牛腩 10 根肋骨起,米。 胸腹锯肌,m。 肋间肌和 m。 胸浅肌被切除。 还应去除上述肌肉(甲板)下方的多余脂肪,露出 m 的瘦表面。 胸深无脂肪。

牛腩是从牛肉或小牛肉的胸部或下胸部切下的一块肉。胸肉来自动物的胸部,位于前五根肋骨下方。这是一个大切块,无骨出售,通常重量在 8 到 20 磅之间,使其成为一个相当大的切块。



Flat Cut:脂肪少,底部有一层脂肪;通常更贵,因为它更有吸引力,更容易切好。

从牛腩 10 根肋骨开始,米。胸腹锯肌,m。肋间肌和 m。胸浅肌被切除。还应去除上述肌肉(甲板)下方的多余脂肪,露出 m 的瘦表面。胸深无脂肪。