Frozen/Fresh Pork Shoulder Cutting Fat

Frozen/Fresh Pork Shoulder Cutting Fat and other distinguished pork cuts – always supplied from Fresh produce at SEDEF, S.A. Your order will be carefully packed in a box insulated with biodegradable foam, along with ice packs to maintain proper temperature.

Top-quality a grade, 100% health certified, prompt delivery, and discount prices. contact us for full product details.

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Frozen/Fresh Pork Shoulder Cutting Fat

Are you interested in Frozen/Fresh Pork Shoulder Cutting Fat ? At SEDEF, S.A.. we are specialized in the trade of high-quality Pork SHOULDER PRODUCTS and other quality Pork meat cuts. As an international trader of pork products, we supply all quality pork cuts to Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America.

SEDEF, S.A. offers all cuts of high-quality Pork meat. Our grade A pork shoulder cutting fat are available all year round. We source our Quality pork shoulder cutting fat with great care at our pork abattoirs and slaughterhouses where we’ve got a wealth of talented and experienced employees working to serve you the best quality pork shoulder cutting fat

Pork meat is very tasty and approved by all food committees for human consumption. It’s used in a variety of cuisines all around the world. Pork is the culinary name for the meat of the domestic pig. It is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, with evidence of pig husbandry dating back to 5000 BC. Pork is eaten both freshly cooked and preserved; Curing extends the shelf life of pork products. Ham, smoked pork, gammon, bacon, and sausage are examples of preserved pork.

Product Category: Raw Pork
Type: Frozen/Fresh Pork Shoulder Cutting Fat
Country of Origin: Multiple
Brand/Factory Number: 06-06
Bag: 30 x 60 cm 58mic vacuum-packed
Case 465x 265 x 210.51 cm + 3 dividers
4 units per case
Weight 18.14 kg case
Pallets: 98 boxes/pallet
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage method: refrigerated (minus 18 degrees Celsius)
Hygiene license: SGS, IFS, Halal food certification, BRCGS, and IAWS INTERPORC.


  • Quality: Grade A.
  • 100% fresh and frozen.
  • Well dressed and cleaned.
  • No hair
  • No holes
  • No grease/contamination.
  • Ice: <0.3%
  • Broken bones less than 1%.
  • Detection of salmonella: 0%.


Frozen Pork Femur Bone Frozen Pork A-Grade Belly Boneless 20/50 Frozen Pork Snout Bone-In Frozen Pig Front with Cheek
Frozen Pork Flank, Rind-On and Red and White Meat Frozen Pork A-Grade Belly, Boneless, Rindless, Without Softbone 20/50 Frozen Pork Tongue Root Meat Frozen Pork Bloody Trimming
Frozen Pork Head of Tenderloin Frozen Pork B-Grade Belly Boneless 20/50 Frozen Pork Tongue Swiss Cut Frozen Pork Collar, Boneless
Frozen Pork Hind Hock, Bone-In, Rind-On Frozen Pork Back Bacon Green Quality Frozen Pork Aorta Frozen Pork Collars, Bone-In
Frozen Pork Hind Shank Meat Frozen Pork Back Cutting Fat Quality Frozen Pork Bladder Frozen Pork Fore-End Without Jowl
Frozen Pork Hind Shank, Rindless Frozen Pork Back Fat Strips Quality Frozen Pork Diaphragm Frozen Pork Front Hocks Machine-Cut
Frozen Pork Hindfeet, Long Cut Frozen Pork Back Rind Quality Frozen Pork Ears Frozen Pork Front Shank Meat
Frozen Pork Leg 1D Deboned Frozen Pork Backbone Quality Frozen Pork Head Frozen Pork Humerus Bone
Frozen Pork Leg 3D, Deboned, Rindless, Without Fat, Without Shank Frozen Pork Bacon Vacuum Quality Frozen Pork Heart Frozen Pork Jowl Rind-On, With Neck Fat
Frozen Pork Leg Boneless, Rindless, 4D Frozen Pork Belly Bone-In Quality Frozen Pork Kidney Frozen Pork Jowl Rind-On, Without Neck Fat
Frozen Pork Leg Individual Muscles Frozen Pork Belly Skin Quality Frozen Pork Lard Frozen Pork Jowl, Rindless, With Neck Fat
Frozen Pork Leg Rind Frozen Pork Belly Trimming Short Side Quality Frozen Pork Liver Frozen Pork Jowl, Rindless, Without Neck Fat
Frozen Pork Leg with Foot Frozen Pork Belly Trimming, Long Side with Rind Quality Frozen Pork Penis Frozen Pork Moon Bone
Frozen Pork Leg, Without Foot Frozen Pork Belly Trimming, Long Side, Rindless Quality Frozen Pork Small Intestines Frozen Pork Neck Bone
Frozen Pork Leg, Without Foot, Without Head of Tenderloins Frozen Pork Breastbone   Frozen Pork Neck Fat, Rind-On
Frozen Pork Leg, Without Foot, Without Tailbone Frozen Pork Chain off Tenderloin   Frozen Pork Neck Fat, Rindless
Frozen Pork Leg, Without Foot, Without Tailbone, Without Head of Tenderloin Frozen Pork Deli-Grade Belly, Boneless 20/50   Frozen Pork Riblet (Meaty)
Frozen Pork Tail Bone Frozen Pork Loin Ribs   Frozen Pork Shoulder 1D Deboned
Frozen Pork Topside Frozen Pork Middle Select Deboned, Without Soft Bone   Frozen Pork Shoulder 2D Deboned Rindless
Quality Frozen Pork Boomerang Frozen Pork Middle Select, Deboned Without Softbone, Rindless   Frozen Pork Shoulder 5D Deboned, Rindless, Without Fat, Shankmeat, Desinewed
Quality Frozen Pork Tail Frozen Pork Middle, Bone In   Frozen Pork Shoulder Boneless Rindless (4D)
  Frozen Pork Middle, Deboned   Frozen Pork Shoulder Dutch Cut
  Frozen Pork Tenderloin with Chain   Frozen Pork Shoulder Soft Bone
  Frozen Pork Tenderloin Without Chain   Frozen Pork Shoulder Teller
  Frozen Pork Trimmings 70-30   Frozen Pork Shoulder Tennis Cut
  Frozen Pork Trimmings 90-10   Frozen Pork Shoulder Tennis Cut with Riblet
  Frozen Pork Zippers   Frozen Pork Trimming 60-40
  Quality Frozen Pork Loin   Frozen/Fresh Pork Shoulder Cutting Fat
  Quality Frozen Pork Softbone   Frozen/Fresh Pork Shoulder Rind
      Quality Frozen Pork Feet
      Quality Frozen Pork Lacones